Out here days are passing by
I play hide-and-seek with my sister
I’m trying to hide
I fly to a place I’ve never been
It is a root very close to the edge in the air
Coming near I see what might be beyond our tree

Overwhelming I’m embracing the world
Paths colliding now I’m facing my turn

(Found you)
When he realized the key to everything lies inside his mind and nobody knows
He said
Florentine you should fly back, This is a dangerous place you could hurt yourself,
And she did like he said his wings start to spread

Now his father came into his head, said:
Don’t ever try flying off, Look in my eye – you won’t die,
The cold in your brain turns to pain, You’ll go insane falling down in sempiternity.

While Stravoz is turning home this thought prevailing all he can think of is at the edge
But as he is coming close to his home he sees his father is standing in front their place

Do you like to tell me what you’ve done I have heard you have been hiding
At a place I said you shouldn’t go to I thought you were abiding
Now your sister cries because you’re selfish I think I know what I said
One last time remember this and stop it inside now you are grounded

Overwhelming I’m embracing the world
Forced to stay in still I’m facing my turn

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Release Date : 25/09/2020
Artist : A kew's tag
Catalog ref. : MMM
Format : Digital Download