Time has come nobody’s aware
Stravoz has vanished in the dark heading down

He arrives and stares in the air
Uncertainty banished on his own no one there

But he notices something strange
Darkness lured him out but now it changed
He turns around the crown in flames

Fire is spreading and all he can do
Watching his panic find ways to come through
He is paralyzed bearing the view
Fire is spreading all over the tree
Lighting his feathers too blinding to see
All he thinks of is his family

He flies back his eyes full of tears
The fire takes over burning limbs everywhere
Coming near the screaming of fear
He spots his father searching for his son

But the fire has no grace
Stravoz sees his father’s shocking gaze
Glavoz is ablaze

Father! Father! Father!

I can’t imagine the pain I should feel
Blood in my veins for the wounds to conceal
Seeing the look on his face one last time
Forced into agony
I start to cry out, scream loud: Why, how, here, now?

All this fire no one survives
No surrender I fight for life

Now the flames push him back to the roots he won’t die
Stravoz starts to –
Now the flames push him back to the roots he won’t die
Stravoz starts to fly out to the clouds
Find out if he sees the world that he thought of
Round and round the flames surround him flying through the fire

Tree is burning sight starts turning air gets thinner now I am
Falling fast my mind gets vast it is so true my father knew
I’ll go insane my family dead – I wish I’d died with them

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Calling Nemesis

Release Date : 31/01/2020
Artist : A kew's tag
Catalog ref. : MMM
Format : Digital Download